Is Facebook’s Timeline Better For Music Marketing?

Does the introduction of Facebook’s Timeline open new possibilities for music marketing? Our friends over at Hypebot seem to think so.

“Though most bands and many individual musicians are currently left out, marketing opportunities include offering fans band-focused Timeline Covers for individual accounts via a Fan Page. The related introduction of Movie Maker, which takes highlights of your Timeline and turns it into a short video, also opens up new possibilities.”

One of the more intriguing features of Timeline Covers is that bands can offer their Cover to fans in exchange for a “Like” or a comment. So, not only can bands easily and widely distribute a big fat promo ad, but they can also encourage fans to engage with the page. This is the sort of stuff that results in returning users.

Another intriguing feature is the Movie Maker:

“Movie Maker takes highlights from your Timeline and turns them into a short video. It’s a pretty random process and though you can remove pics, their replacement is also random. You have 5 choices of soundtrack and there’s no embed option so you have to link to the final product.”

You can check out the full article here

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