Is Amazon Declaring War on iTunes?

It all starts with the hiring process. According to the tech news site, the San Francisco office of an Amazon subsidiary has released tons of job ads for people to work on the Amazon MP3 store and Cloud Player. And they aren’t just looking for administrative assistants:

The company’s got ads for developers and engineers to tackle both the front-end software and mid-level networking systems. It wants designers to help polish the user interface, engineers to specifically take on overseas products, and program managers to oversee things. And, of course, mobile developers with experience in both Android and Apple’s iOS—a system that doesn’t currently have a native Amazon music player application.”

This is coupled with an announcement that the company is looking to “rapidly grow [the digital music] team.” After all, Amazon has finally established a system comparable – at least in terms of framework – to that of Apple’s. And thanks to the Android phones, Amazon can rightly claim a spot at the top of the relevancy department.

“Amazon’s MP3 store has been lurking around for several years, but has really picked up steam with the broad adoption of Android-based smartphones, which often have the Amazon store pre-installed. Its Cloud Player, which debuted last year, is bundled with the Amazon MP3 service.”

Check out the full article here

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