Do Solo Artists Have the Advantage in the Age of Social Media?

MusicThinkTank’s Paul Adler seems to think so. In fact, he says it makes perfect sense:

“On the subject of the so-called “cult of personality,” it seems dually fitting that we should see a shift in the collective attention of the music-consuming portion of society to more solo artists as social media shifts, simultaneously, toward more overtly egocentric platforms (see: Facebook, Twitter). Add to this the relative ease with which many DIY artists record, produce, disseminate, and promote their music and the appeal of being a solo artist becomes obvious.”

Adler comments on the inherent challenges artists face when operating within the band framework. While it is true that these issues have always existed, never before have artists had access to such convenient and effective alternatives.

Whereas solo artists have only themselves to consider and worry about, each member of a band needs to be concerned about the other members: will [name here] be able to make it to practice today? Does [name here] know all the music? We have a show, Friday! Is [name here] going to have his equipment ready and be able to get to the venue on time?”

Perhaps Adler’s best point is his comment about the various costs – time, money, etc. – that are virtually inescapable for members of bands.

“Being in a band with the goal of commercial success is a full-time job, with each member’s financial, logistical, and personal responsibilities to the group itself; conversely, solo artistry can run the gamut from being a hobby to being a career, and doesn’t involve the “relationship” aspect one can expect in a band setting.”

Check out the whole article over at MusicThinkTank

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