Booking & Shredding | with Solo Artist and Founder of MAXIMUM Booking Jeff Aug

Jeff Aug is Founder of MAXIMUM Booking as well as an accomplished solo artist. In 2009, Aug set the world record for “Most Concerts Performed in Different Countries in 24 Hours,” and is out to take his record back. MAXIMUM Booking’s artist roster includes Anne Clark, Allan Holdsworth, moe., Chumbawumba, Floating Stone, and many others. Jeff’s latest album, Wedding Song, comes out March 2, 2012. By Brian Weidy
When did you start playing guitar?

I started playing guitar at 12 and a half when my Uncle Arthur gave me an electric guitar he had laying around his room in Queens, New York. My grandparents were moving to Florida, so my uncle had to move out of his room there when they sold the house. It was a one-pickup, “Winston” electric guitar. I learned the ending power chords of “Freebird” from one of the kids in the neighbourhood and learned Jimi Hendrix´s version of “The Star Spangled Banner” from a Jimi Hendrix songbook (I had taken piano lessons for many years, so I could read music already).

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